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2017 Events

Clan Gunn plans to be at the following Games in 2016:

Hawaii * 8-9 April
Woodland Games * 29-30 April
Modesto * 3 June
(Games cancelled due to storm damage this winter)

Clan Gunn AGM * 9 June and Salt Lake City Games * 10-11 June
Monterey * 5-6 August
Pleasanton * 2-3 September
Fresno * 16 September
Dixon * 30 September (Participation to be determined)

Please feel welcome to visit our tent at the Highland Games

2015 Clan Gunn Photos - Links to events during the Clan Gunn Scotland trip

2012 Clan Gunn Photos - Links to events including some Clan Gunn Scotland trip videos

Scholarships are available for higher education or advanced schools in the Scottish Arts. Contact Chuck Jamison ( Membership in the Society and residence in Northern California is required.

If you are interested in joining Clan Gunn we would be more than happy to have you and if you are a piper or drummer we’d love to have you in the Smokin Gunn Pipe Band. The whole pipe band thing started because we had five pipers and a drummer at our AGM in Charlotte (April of 09) and found we were all solid Gr 4 (and for the pipers, our chanters were close enough to play together with some minor tuning).  Since then we have identified other pipers and drummers from Clan Gunn as well. (Clan Gunn Pipers and Drummers for schedules and Clan Gunn pipe music).

The idea is that anytime we have a few of us at the same games, perhaps we can play some together.  Most of the members are actually in other bands but since we don’t plan to compete, that is okay. Registration information is on the Clan Gunn N America site. In 2009 we played for massed bands and our AGM in Charlotte, and massed bands in Gatlinburg as well as playing for the Clan Keith AGM, Clan Ferguson AGM, and a fireman's wedding.

Email if you have further questions and meanwhile, the shirts for the Smokin Gunn Pipe Band are about $25 (or you can send a shirt to Rich and he can get the badge put on). Cheers. Chuck



The Clan Gunn Society of North America celebrates its 48th anniversary in 2017.

The Clan Gunn Society of North America had its beginnings in the mid-1960s when Donald Bruce Williamson of Atlanta, GA began writing to author Neil Gunn about forming a Clan Gunn Society in the United States. The Clan Gunn Society had recently been formed in Scotland. Neil Gunn, at the time, was too ill to write and Donald was referred to Iain Gunn of Banniskirk, Secretary to Neil Gunn. Donald and Iain Gunn corresponded over the next few years and Neil Gunn subsequently died. Following the death of Neil Gunn, Iain Gunn of Banniskirk was appointed Commander of The Clan Gunn.

In 1967 Donald went to the Grandfather Mountain Games and met Emmett and Joy Wilson. Donald and Emmett were the first Gunns known to have marched carrying their tartan at those Games. The tartan was actually a skirt loaned by Donald’s wife, Bobby. No one knows what Bobby wore while her skirt was used as a banner.

Donald spent 1968 and 1969 writing letters to Gunns he located in telephone books and from other sources.

On July 12, 1969, an organizational meeting was held on the field at the Grandfather Mountain Games and officers were elected, Donald Williamson being the first President. Ties were established with the Society in Scotland and Donald continued to maintain contact with Iain Gunn of Banniskirk. Donald and Bobby began publication of a newsletter on a hand operated mimeograph machine which they continued to publish until 1985.

In the summer of 1972, Iain Gunn of Banniskirk was installed as the Commander of Clan Gunn. Donald Williamson arranged for several members of the U. S. Society to attend the installation and had to apologize that none of those attending was named Gunn.

Donald declined to run for President a second time stating that this was a democratic organization and new ideas should be a part of the organizations leadership.

The Clan Gunn Society of North America has long supported the Society in the United Kingdom. We have provided funding to help acquire title to a church located in the Valley of the Gunns in Scotland. That dream is nearing reality. A Clan Gunn Heritage Center has been established in Latheron, Caithness. Genealogy records are available at this museum.

The Society is proud to have a Genealogist as part of our organization. Records submitted by members are cataloged, cross referenced and stored at more than one location in this country. Information is shared with Society members.

The Society currently has approximately 1,100 active members in 23 branches, 3 of those branches being in Canada. We have a web site located at and offer Clan Gunn merchandise in our store.

In September, 2015, the Lord Lyon granted a filed Petition that asked that Iain Gunn be named Chief of Clan Gunn since no hereditary Chief had been determined. Iain was Invested as Chief in a ceremony in Edinborgh in April, 2016. Iain now has the formal name of Iain Alexander Gunn of Gunn. At the Investiture Iain re-appointed two High Commissioners to represent him, Rich Gunn for North America and Rob Kamp Gunn for the Netherlands. He also appointed Todd Wall as his High Commissioner to New Zealand.

The Clan Gunn Society has an International Gathering in Scotland every three years and our Society will join Gunns from throughout the world in Scotland, at our International Gathering meeting in Kirkwall, Orkney Island in July of 2018.

The Society has had 21 Presidents since its founding. The current President is Dave Ziemer of Hartford, WI.

Webmaster: Chuck Jamison · oakpiper(at)gmail(.)com