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I also have a page for the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Urasenke) and one for our neighborhood (Rollingwood) with emergency contacts and some local businesses and tradesmen that my neighbors and I recommend: Contractors Page

Also check out my High School Reunion web site:
Roseville High School - Class of 1962

My heavy metal/Scottish regiment band has gone inactive for now (Victory or Death) but will have a CD out soon

Our new band, Victory or Death will also have a new CD out this month



The Northern California Celtic Calendar is now realigned with the Sacramento region having it's own calendar
Jamison's Sacramento Celtic Calendar
Tony Beckers AmeriCeltic Calendar (Northern California Sessions)
Jamison's Northern California Celtic Calendar (Other Celtic events)
The best site for Monterey/Santa Cruz area concerts is the Monterey Celtic Society Website.
The San Francisco Bay web site has concert and pub information.

If you know of any Celtic event that I'm missing, please send me an email and let me know about it. 

Here is a link to a great inet station IRfT



Veteran Activities and Support in Sacramento This site will be updated on a regular basis and has flyers and other announcements of veteran and troop support activities in the Sacramento area (mostly) and some N California events.

The Scottish American Military Society N California - Post 1921 has a Calendar of Events (which includes all the Highland Games in N California) as well as links to other military and military history related organizations.

The Scottish American Military Society Hawaii - Post 808 also has a Calendar of Events (with Celtic events in the Islands) as well as links to other Celtic organizations in Hawaii.

I have a page dedicated to Troop Support and links to help you do that.

There is also a page of Veteran Links of interest to veterans.

Association of the US Army - AUSA - Gold Country Region events and military support

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